Presenting Nếm // A Palate Tasting Series

Do something together, while apart.

Nếm, meaning "to taste" in Vietnamese, is Socola Chocolatier's newest offering where we explore culinary pairings with premier artisan San Francisco Bay Area foodmakers. We ship the tasting kits, lead the virtual gustatorial experience, and you get to indulge with your community while maintaining social distance.

Get your foodie fancy on for team building events, happy hours, bachelor/ette parties, baby showers, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, and going away parties.

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Chocolate Truffle & Tea Pairing


Socola Chocolatier and Dartealing Lounge, both POC women-owned companies, join together to demystify two of the world's oldest culinary delights. Hosted by Wendy Lieu of Socola and Pauline Mai of Dartealing, your group will learn the art of tasting chocolates and brewing tea, discovering new flavors that emerge when enjoyed together.


$58 per person plus shipping
Includes a curated box of 4 award-winning truffles and 4 gourmet teas
Super Fancy
$78 per person plus shipping
Includes a curated box of 12 award-winning truffles and 4 gourmet teas

Program Length:


Group Size:

18 sets min for Fancy / 15 sets min Super Fancy 

What's Included:

Artisan-led virtual tasting, award-winning chocolate truffles and gourmet tea shipped to participants. International shipping for classes is possible, please inquire.

What You Need:

4 heat-proof cups, hot water, and a teaspoon

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