Can I use the online store for orders of any size?

At this point, Sôcôla Chocolatier is dedicated to making fresh-to-order chocolates. For orders less than 10 boxes, online is best. If you are needing a larger quantity or invoice, contact us at orders [at] socolachocolates [dot] com or call us at 415-400-4071.

Can I make a custom box?

Yes, you can customize a box by coming into our store or for orders of 20 boxes or more we can customize the flavors.

Can I ship to multiple recipients in one order?

No, you will need to create a separate order for each address. For orders of 10 or more, please contact us and we can help you with your order.

When do my products ship?

We ship on Mondays and Wednesdays nationwide. We process orders placed by 5pm PST the day before. We limit shipping to these days to ensure maximum freshness and quality when they arrive to your doorstep.

How do I track the status of my package?

If you provide an email address with your phone or online order, you will receive an email on the day your package(s) ships out from our store. This email will contain the tracking number for the package(s) so you will know when your goodies arrive. If there are any changes or delays, we will contact you. The tracking link will display information once the package is picked up.

What carrier do you use? Can you use my FedEx or UPS account?

Orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail and / or FedEx and generally arrive within 2-3 business days. For orders of at least 20 boxes we can use your FedEx/UPS account to expedite your order. Email us at orders [at] socolachocolates [dot] com or give us a call at 415-400-4071.

Should I ship to my house or a business office?

Chocolates don’t love sun. Choose an address where the package will wait for the recipient in a cool, shaded area (business addresses and mailrooms are good, front porches are bad). While we want our customers to be more than satisfied with their Socola experience, we cannot be held liable for any delays in delivery, wrong addresses and high heat drop off locations.

Do you offer rush shipping?

It can get expensive. If something is urgent, call the store at 415-400-4071 and we’ll give you a quote on what USPS / FedEx will charge. Otherwise, expect to receive the chocolates 2-3 days from shipping date.

Do you ship internationally?

Shipping internationally can be challenging.  However, we have had luck shipping with FedEx internationally, so please inquire, it is possible with an additional fee.


Just what does Sôcôla mean?

“Sôcôla” is the Vietnamese word for “chocolate.”

When was Sôcôla started?

Sisters, Wendy and Susan, created Sôcôla back in 2001.

Why do you garnish your chocolates in the upper left-hand corner on some products?

Wendy is left-handed. The world is created for the right-handed so the left alignment is her way of reminding others of the biases in how we experience the world.

Do you have a storefront?

Yes! You can find us in the SoMa neighborhood at 535 Folsom Street in San Francisco.

What’s with your obsession about alpacas?

Our mascot is Harriet the flying alpaca. She flies around the world gathering flavors, making friends and then sends us postcards of what we’ve missed. She sends friends to our store all the time – and they never leave. That’s why we have the world’s largest alpaca non-petting zoo in our store spanning the most number of species (winged, non-winged, cowboy, soft, squishy, etc). Want to visit? Well alpaca my bags and see you tomorrow. Plus, they’re cute.

Where can I leave feedback?

You can use our online form or find us on Yelp. Better yet, chat about it over a soco-latte in the store (our indulgent mocha).

Are you on social media?

Social is our thang. Yes, you can find us on facebook, twitter, and instagram.

Where have the chocolates been featured?

See our Press page.

What’s this so-called Durian List?

Durian is the King of Fruits – one of the most pungent and banned fruits in the world. Our Dangerous Durian truffle is a durian white chocolate ganache encased in a dark chocolate shell. The Durian List is collection of obsessed fans who get notified right when they’re made. Respond quick because they usually sell out within 24 hours.

What inspires your flavors?

Our travels. Our childhood. Our friends. Our customers. Share the flavors you crave by contacting Wendy: wendy [at] socolachocolates [dot] com

Is there a wrong way to eat chocolate?

Funny you ask. Next time you pop a Sôcôla, bite a piece off (don’t chew or swallow!), smell the mid-section of the chocolate, swirl the chocolate around your mouth and let the chocolate heat up to body temperature. Move it around. Give it a tour of your mouth. Now start chewing. Savor it. A fun exercise is to experience a bite for 20 seconds (turn on the timer for the challenge!). Engaging multiple senses, now you’ve had a Sôcôla experience.

If Wendy were a truffle flavor, what kind would she be?

Jasmine Tea

How about Susan?

Definitely Give it to Me Guava.


What’s the story on allergens?

All products are made on the same equipment and may contain traces of soy, dairy, eggs, gluten and nuts. Most of our chocolate products contain soy lecithin which acts as an emulsifier, preventing the cocoa butter from separating from the cocoa mass (a good thing).

Are any of your products gluten free?

Most of our truffles are made with gluten free (GF) ingredients. Sweetheart Sammy (PB&J), Hazelnut and Stout Beer contain gluten.. However, all chocolates are made on the same equipment so they may contain trace amounts of gluten so they are not truly “gluten free.” Anyone with allergies should exercise precaution when enjoying our truffles. Specify in “Customer Notes” during the shopping cart experience if there are flavors you wish to avoid.

How about vegan?

We have a vegan truffle called Desi Delight which is inspired by the Indian kheer dessert. Some of our dark chocolate bars, including Raspberry Pop Rocks, are also vegan. All truffles are made with fresh cream so they are not vegan.

Do any of your chocolates contain alcohol?

A few of our chocolates contain alcohol of less than 5%: Stout Beer, Cognac, Raspberry Champagne, Fernet, Champagne and Bourbon.

How long will my Sôcôla confections last?

Since our truffles are (consciously) not made with preservatives, we suggest eating them as soon as possible. Please check our “devour by” sticker on the bottom of the package. For truffles, the shelf life is 3 weeks and for other confections they can range from 1-2 months.

Can I put the chocolates in the refrigerator?

Best practice is to store it in a dry, cool place out of sunlight at room temperature. Refrigeration can alter the texture, flavor and integrity of the ganache. It also absorbs flavors from the refrigerator so...you make the call. Fresh is best!

Where are the truffles made?

We make every delicious truffle in micro batches at our San Francisco store by hand. We have an open kitchen if you ever feel like doodling about the art form. Drop by and check out the magic on weekdays.

What’s the difference between a chocolate maker and a chocolatier?

A chocolate maker processes cacao from bean to bar and the end product is a chocolate bar. Chocolatiers take those chocolate bars as an ingredient to transform them into confections like truffles, Bear Hugs, fun things with nuts, you get the picture.

What’s ganache?

Ganache is the center of a chocolate truffle (name originated from truffle mushrooms that have a similar shape to a hand rolled chocolate truffle) made with chocolate, cream and butter in its simplest form. And then the magic. Can’t forget the magic.

What’s unique about your chocolates?

In addition to inventive flavors, we source most of our ingredients from family-owned companies within a 100-mile radius of the store. You can say we strive to have a “chocolate footprint.”


We are here to help. We happily take care of drop shipping and note cards for your gifts. Drop us a line and we’ll co-create something tasty.

Can you customize chocolates? It’s [insert important person’s name]’s [special event] next [date]!

Client gifts, weddings, galas, bicentennials, annual meetings, etc. are our JAM. You can put artwork, logos, silhouette faces, puns - basically whatever you can conjure up on a 1”x1” chocolate in multiple colors. Contact us at orders [at] socolachocolates [dot] com for more information or fill out this form.

I’d like to order business gifts, what’s the best way to do that?

We have an online form you can fill out. From there we can provide a quote and follow up with you on your order details. If you have multiple addresses, an excel or .csv file is all you need. We can create gift notes and handle all the shipping for you – gift giving has never been so easy! You can also give us a phone call if you’d like to talk!

Can you customize a gift basket based on our budget?

Absolutely, we can curate a basket based on your favorites and budget. Please contact us for more information.

How does the artwork process work?

To create a personalized truffle, we will need your artwork (300 dpi) in jpeg, pdf or vector format. From there we will get a digital proof mocked up for you. We do not process the artwork in house so there is a lead-time for personalization. The standard turn around time from proof to product is 4 weeks.

Is Rush Service available?

Yes, we can discuss this option. A Rush Fee may be added to turnaround the projects sooner than 4 weeks.

Is there a minimum order?

No, but there are specific volume discounts based on your order size. You can see those details here.

What’s your Chocolate Concierge service?

Every event and gift recipient is different. Talk to us. Tell us about them. We’ll curate a box they’ll remember.