TCM Botanical Chocolates

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We're proud to present our Traditional Chinese Medicine inspired line of chocolates in collaboration with 5Yina.

Time to finally satisfy Grandma and Auntie with these botanical-infused, season inspired chocolates!


SOCOLA x 5Yina Collection includes the following truffle flavors:

autumn - Chrysanthemum, osmanthus & goji

spring - Rose, bee pollen, honey

summer - Matcha green tea, fresh mint

winter - Black sesame, he shou wu


Sôcôla truffles are made with local and organic ingredients, including Straus Creamery butter and cream. Sôcôla uses only the best ingredients to make your palate sing and your soul feel heavenly.


E. Guittard dark chocolate (cacao beans, pure cane sugar, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin, vanilla beans), Straus Family Creamery® cream and butter, 

Allergens: milk. May contain traces of peanuts.