Socola Full Tower


The Sôcôla Full Tower includes one 2-piece box, one 4-piece box, one 12-piece box and one 24-piece box of all assorted chocolates (42 pieces total).

Collection varies based on what is fresh and available at time of order.

Flavors include:

jasmine tea  – Rare hand-picked Chinese jasmine tea. Our grandmother's favorite scent. A flowery and pleasing truffle, the hints of jasmine are soothing and subtle.

Vietnamese cà phê sua – In Vietnam, no one begins a day’s work without a glass of Ca Phe Sua. Infused with Vietnamese espresso shots and smooth condensed milk, Sôcôla’s Ca Phe Sua truffle will help kick-start any morning.

guinness stout - the nitrogen in the Guinness stout smoothes the ganache into a velvety texture, marked with white rain

burnt baby burnt – burlesque burnt caramel with red Hawaiian sea salt

give it to me guava – tropical guava pate de fruit layered with our signature 72% bittersweet ganache, glam with a picture of Harriet the flying alpaca

Sôcôla truffles are made with local ingredients, including Straus Creamery butter and cream. Sôcôla uses only the best ingredients to make your palate sing and your soul feel heavenly.


dark chocolate (cacao beans, pure cane sugar, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin, vanilla beans), Straus Creamery® cream and butter, cocoa powder, granulated cane sugar, condensed milk, Vietnamese espresso, Guinness Stout beer, guava puree, natural fruit pectin, invert sugar, red Hawaiian sea salt, jasmine tea, sesame seeds, chipotle sea salt, ultra refined cocoa butter and applewood smoked bacon.

Stout truffle contains less than 5% alcohol.

Allergens: milk, peanuts, wheat. May contain traces of peanuts.