Harriet the Flying Alpaca

Alpacas were never known to be flavor connoisseurs -- that is, until Harriet came into our life. Our guardian angel of sorts, Harriet the winged alpaca goes above and beyond her basic alpaca duties of grazing, prancing, and alpaca-ing - she’s the one we have to thank for bringing truly global flavors to Sôcôla Chocolatier. Whether she’s zipping through vibrant markets in Vietnam or munching on lush guava trees in Cuba, Harriet keeps Sôcôla stocked on inspiration.

Now, some may look at Harriet’s wings and say, “But, alpacas can't fly!”, and to them we say, “How dare you?”. Here at Sôcôla, we flourish on pushing the boundaries of flavor. We thrive on creativity, and we hope that our ventures inspire yours. One bite of our matcha green tea, durian, or even beer flavored truffles will make you realize that anything is possible. Even winged, flying alpacas.