Socola 20th Anniversary Hidden Pictures Shirt

When my sister and I were young, we grew up hanging out in our parents' nail salon. Every month our shop received a free copy of Highlights magazine which we would read cover to cover and leave the best activity for last: Hidden Pictures. We would circle the listed objects with our pencils and see who could find the most images the fastest. We relished this game and it has become one of our fondest childhood memories. 

So it is with total throwback love that we've created a Socola Hidden Pictures t-shirt to commemorate our 20th Anniversary. That's right. We've been in the chocolate game for TWO DECADES and our favorite designer Stacy Nguyen was **game** to make our nostalgic dream come true. Find all the objects that have been important to us on this journey. 

T-shirt brand: Next Level Tri Blend Vintage Black

If you are only ordering the shirt, be sure to select "T-shirt only shipping" for a lower rate (no ice packs needed).