• The Chocolate Barista Kit

The Chocolate Barista Kit


Missing your drink getting called out at the bar? Spruce up your beverage routine with our Chocolate Barista Kit -- a great accompaniment to your at-home espresso machine. Make our signature Truffogatos (espresso + truffle), Socolattes (espresso + milk + trufflle), and Hot Chocolates (milk + truffle) at home by blending in our secret recipe 72% dark chocolate liquid truffle and topping it with a fluffy handcrafted chocolate marshmallow.

The Starter Kit comes with 16 liquid truffle pieces and 6 chocolate marshmallows. Makes 4-6 drinks.

The Pro Kit comes with 32 liquid truffle pieces and 12 chocolate marshmallows. Makes 8-12 drinks.

Make your handcrafted drink in 4 easy steps:

1. Melt liquid truffles in the microwave for 15 seconds in a mug.
2. Pull espresso shot (if applicable) over the melted liquid truffle.
3. Steam milk, pour a little into the mixture. Stir until the truffle is evenly blended.
4. Pour the rest of the milk into your mug. Create some cute latte art and top with a marshmallow. Ta da!

No espresso machine? No problem! Melt the liquid truffle, add in your coffee and top with a chocolate marshmallow. Write your name on your cup if you're feeling fancy.

More detailed instructions will be included in the kit. Happy Barista-ing!

Note: Product has a 2-month shelf life in the refrigerator. Does not include espresso or milk.


Ingredients: dark chocolate (cacao beans, pure cane sugar, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin, vanilla beans), Straus Creamery® cream, butter, granulated sugar, invert sugar (refined sugar, water), glucose, gelatin, cocoa powder and vanilla extract. 

Allergens: dairy. May contain traces of peanuts.